What kind of style can I achieve with silver jewellery ?

Silver, a precious metal that is both sober and elegant, lends itself perfectly to the creation of unique and timeless jewellery. Its malleability allows it to take on many different shapes, from the most classic to the most fanciful, adapting to all styles and all occasions. Find out more in this article

Silver, an asset for every style

Silver offers a wide range of textures and finishes. Whether smooth and sparkling, hammered, chased, twisted or brushed, this noble metal can be given a multitude of unique finishes. Oxidation also adds a distinctive patina to creations.

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Beyond its aesthetic appeal, solid silver has a lasting value that makes jewellery genuine collectors' items and investments to be passed on. Its authenticity and rarity make it a precious commodity.

Easy to care for, silver jewellery retains its shine simply by being cleaned regularly with soapy water or cider. This hard-wearing metal will stand the test of time with distinction.

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Whether you prefer timeless chic or a more bohemian or rock look, silver jewellery will enhance your personality. 

Classic style

For a classic, sophisticated look, opt for minimalist, elegant pieces. A slender necklace with a delicate pendant, dangling earrings or a bangle bracelet will add a touch of luxury to your outfit. Click to continue reading about silver jewellery.

Bohemian style 

Silver jewellery goes perfectly with the bohemian spirit. Try layering necklaces, bracelets and rings in a variety of styles to create a unique, statement look. You can also choose pieces adorned with natural stones, such as turquoise or amethyst, to add a touch of colour and character to your outfit.

Rock style 

For a rock look, opt for solid silver jewellery with more imposing shapes. Thick necklaces, link bracelets or skull rings will add a rebellious touch to your style.

Tips for wearing your silver jewellery well

There are some important details on how to wear your silver jewellery well. You can apply them to proudly display a simple and singular style.

Mix styles: Don't be afraid to mix silver jewellery styles to create a unique, personalised look. For example, you could combine a slim, minimalist necklace with more imposing earrings.

Match your jewellery to your outfit: for perfect harmony, choose silver jewellery that matches the colours and styles of your clothes. Don't hesitate to play with contrasting materials, combining the icy sheen of silver with the softness of a cashmere scarf or the velvety grain of leather. These subtly contrasting combinations will add depth to your ensemble.

Take care of your jewellery: To keep your silver jewellery looking its best, clean it regularly with a soft cloth. You can also store them in individual boxes to prevent oxidation.


Silver jewellery is a real all-rounder, allowing you to make a style statement for any occasion. By following these few tips, you'll have no trouble finding the perfect pieces to enhance your look.